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Kennel Club Rally or Rally Obedience is a fun sport where you and your dog work a s a team and follow a set of signs around a course.

Any breed of dog can take part in Rally whether they be mixed breed, cross breed or pedigree and you can start competing in Rally when your dog is 6 months old until senior years.

Although based on competitive obedience Rally incorporates behaviours your dog already knows (such as sit, stand and down), you do not need obedience style (very close) heelwork nor do you have to compete against anyone or gain a first place to progress in Rally.

Once you have mastered the lower level signs in our beginner’s class you then take the next step up to our higher-level class where the more advanced exercises are covered.

In September 2014 Julie Barrett of FITdogs became the very first Kennel Club accredited instructor in Rally and at Crufts 2017 Sarah Stridgeon was part of the Northern Rally Team with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier Apollo and gained a second place for the team in Level 1.


St Anne’s Greenlands Church

Salmesbury Avenue



Here is Sarah and Apollo at Crufts 2017


For Rally Schedules, news and more go to :

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Day and Times


Beginners: 12.10pm - 12.50pm (FULL)



Beginners:  1.00pm to 1.45pm (FULL)

Next Step Up:2.00pm to 2.45pm (FULL)


Beginners:           7.30pm to 8.10pm.

Next Step up:     8.15pm to 9.00pm

Regrettably, dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs and/or people cannot take part in these classes.

Take a look at Caroline and Bella the Papillon taking part in a Rally competition.