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You can contact us by: (between 09.00 and 18:00 only please!)

     Puppy and Stars Classes:

     Caroline:  01253 305823 or 07525848175

     Sarah:      07804446651


     For KC Rally and Good Citizen:

     Julie 07887654487 or

Use the contact form below (we will get back to you as soon as possible).

If you are having a problem with your dog please briefly describe the problem, age and breed of dog.

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Regrettably, dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs and/or people cannot take part in our classes.


As there is no such things as a ‘dog poo fairy” you must carry with you some form of “poop scoop”. It is a legal requirement to clean up after your dog in public areas and dispose of the bag in an appropriate bin.


Your dog must be micro-chipped and wear a collar with identification tag, badge, or plate attached (with owners name and address) as required by the Control of Dogs Order 1992