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WELCOME Welcome   to   what   will   be   the   latest   incarnation   of   the   FITdogs   website.   As   you   will   note,   the   puppy   training,   hoopers   and   the   other   ancilliary   courses   run by   FIT   DOGS   CLUB   are   now   on   a   new,   separate,   website   at   www.fitdogsclub.co.uk       This   website   is   currently   under   development   by   Julie   Barrett   and   will reflect her continuing work and role in Kennel Club Rally. ABBREVIATED PRIVACY POLICY We   know   that   by   now   you   have   probably   had   numerous   emails   about   GDPR,   privacy   and   opting   in   or   out(!)   to   mailing   lists   and   so   forth.   It   has   probably got very boring! So, although we have a full Privacy Policy Notice , here we show an abbreviated, more palatable version! In   simple   terms   we   do   not   ask   for   any   personal   information.   Whatever   appears   on   this   website   does   so   with   the   explicit   authority   of   the   person   or persons involved or associated with that information. We   do   not   collect,   store   or   distribute   any   personal   information   for   any   reason   whatsoever.   We   do   not   undertake   marketing   and   we   do   not   maintain   or operate mailing lists. 1 August 2018 CONTACT US Wherever email addresses are shown on this website they have ‘spaces’ before and after the @ symbol julie @ fitdogs.ltd.uk
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